Hi, I'm Adam.

I'm a ecommerce store owner, entrepreneur and creator/blogger. I share my thoughts, opinions and experiences on this website.

I used to to teach Hungarian entepreneurs how
to grow their sales by selling on Amazon.

I was the co-founder of another ecommerce family business that went on to make 4 million euros in 2020.

Currently, I run a 6-figure grossing online store .

Before going public about it, I was a "daygamer", aka writing anonimously about picking up girls during the day. I still do it to this day.

Why should you follow me

Who is this site aimed at?

This site is aimed at intelligent, ambitious, and go-getter guys between 20-40 who want to experience what life has to offer.

How can I help you?

The major themes of life of all humans are money/work, relationships (love/family/friends), and health.

(Plus all the little things sprinkled in.)

I write about how I'm going about achieving top results in these areas and sharing what I learn on the way.

I’m all about peak experiences, having as much control over my life as possible, and being effective at implementing what I decide. Period.

You can follow along my journey, learn and join in the fun yourself.

Specifically, I talk about:


All else being equal, it's better to be on the top than in the middle/bottom.

Life is inherently unequal and unfair, but it's up to us to make the best of the cards we've been dealt.

I write about building wealth (mostly via entrepreneurship) and enjoying the journey along the way.‍

Love/sex life/relationships

Relationships bring the greatest joy in life. Right now, as a single 29-year-old guy in Hungary, I’m most focused on sexual experimentation - and I write about it a super-candid manner

I have plans for a family in a 5-year timescale - hot sex ain’t all that it’s made out be, but you got to get it out of your system.

Still feeling out my preferences in this area.


Look your best, feel your best and max out your body.

Within reason - if you want to look like Arnold, are you prepared to put in 4-5 hours of training a day?

I’m not, but I still want to be on the far right side of the bell curve.


There’s a whole lot more magic to life than just these areas, so I will be sharing all the random little things that I do or pop into my mind too - just to spice things up.

I’m a human too after all.