Life is Short so Play to Win

The more I age and mature (I'm 31 now), the more I see the importance of choosing games we can be winners in.


Because our time is running out, we only have so many years to live, especially youthful ones. We don't have the privilege of endless at-bats. We need to score some home runs before the game is over.

Most of the areas humans care about work are based on a winner-takes-most or winner-takes-all dynamic. The top performers in any given area get most of the rewards.

  • In business, the top companies in any field control a disproportionate amount of the market.
  • In dating, the guys at the top of the food chain date most of the hot women.
  • In sports, the top performers get all the money, glory, and admiration.

Being a winner starts with choosing a field you can win in. A field whose rewards are sufficiently attractive, where competition isn't fierce, and where you have an edge so you can dominate that niche.

There are likely hundreds of millions of people aiming to be the next Ronaldo, but only a minuscule number will ever make any money playing football, let alone playing in the Premier Leagues.

Football is too competitive, even if you have talent, train from the age of 3, and have all the material resources to support training.

So, you ditch spots as your vehicle for ascending the socioeconomic hierarchy and set your sights on starting an online business instead.

You stumble upon affiliate marketing, content marketing, and travel. 😉

People say that "travel is a competitive niche" but this is such a broad vague statement that it's virtually meaningless.

Only specific keywords can be competitive. Even so, maybe the sites ranking in the top 10 have high domain authority but really thin content put together by a freelancer who regurgitated what was already showing up in search.

So an underdog with a determination to win can beat them with content that's miles ahead of them in quality. 😏

Since the SEO is a winner-takes-most market and the rewards are asymmetrical (meaning you get way bigger returns for the effort invested), even a newcomer like you or me can dominate big businesses in search.

If you repeat this process enough times, not only will you be free of the rate race (which most people will never be), but you will have a solid vehicle to build generational wealth, too. It's easier to win out of a competition of 10 than millions.

If you can't win, don't start playing. Only play games you can win at.