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Pécs, Hungary Daygame Review

Published on Jun 17, 2021. Last updated on Jul 20, 2021
By Adam Dimitrov in Sex, Seduction & Pickup
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This is a concise recap of my expert opinion of a south-western Hungarian small town of Pécs (population ~145k) from the perspective a playah like myself.

Good to know: I went with 2 friends of mine to hike in the surrounding Mecsek hills mainly, NOT to hunt for femmes. This was a mistake, as hiking 2 x 15km isn’t that fun, and you inadvertently turn into a whiny bitch. At least I can rule out the French Foreign Legion as a career possibility.

The city / logistics

The city center itself has beautiful architecture, is clean, compact and is Mediterranean-esque (it reminded me of Malága). Renting an apartment anywhere the city center is advised, preferably close to the main street.

The ideal amount of time here to spend is really just 2-3 days, preferably on Friday-Saturday-Sunday. This way you can capitalize on nightgame opportunities, and daygame. But there barely anything else you can do here, except if you have local friends / social circle.

Once again we have to accept that big cities always trump smaller cities in terms of game.


Total daygame approaches: 4

I don’t have official statistics at my disposal, but subjectively I felt that eligible maidens hot+8 good girls Slavs were passing me by all day when I was on the Széchenyi main square / street (Király utca).

Especially on Friday afternoon, there were loads of people chilling / sitting around on the square and in nearby catering facilities. Including girls.

I opened a duo as my first set (ditching my friends, naturally). One was a blonde, large eyed, K looking girl, the other a brunette, solarium olive skinned, more R-girl (I noticed her “tooth piercing”, then inferred she also had tattoos, which she confirmed). Anyway, they give me the typical small town rejection line of “we’re having a ladies night out”, when I inquired about logistics. At least I tried asking them out both, which counts as 2 approaches in 1, mwuhahahaha!

I’m pretty sure I never heard this line in Budapest during my +300 approaches there, but here I’m constantly getting it from the hotter girls. Seems like in small towns “being busy on Friday / Saturday night” is still a cool thing. Later when I went out to nightgame I saw why – almost everybody was in some sort of group of friends and I seldom saw solo people. Welcome to the old world, gentlemen.

On girl was a dreamy walking 16 yo, which I immediately let go.

I don’t remember the fourth.


Total approaches: 4 (2 numbers, 1 kiss)

Typical to small town life in Hungary, nightgame is played on Fridays and Saturdays. I went to a “business dinner” with my friends at an upscale grill terrace place with a great panorama of the city. Naturally, everybody was with a big group of friends. This place looked like where gold-diggers are hunting for their sugar daddy. I did make an approach here with a cute blonde as I was waiting for my friend near the restroom, but she was with family celebrating her sister’s high school graduation.

I did saw plenty of 8-9s with considerably ugly provider type men. So if you want to get married and use provider game, small towns are your best bet where conservative values are still alive and well. I could see girls here don’t jump on new dicks every week.

Later we went down the main square / street. It was full of people and I made a total of 3 more approaches. One was with a I-shit-you-not 9. Yes, I would show her picture to strangers on the street. She was a 25 brunette, slim, fit, big boobed personal trainer, all dolled up (but didn’t have plaster). I was eyeing her up, but she was with 3 other chicas. Finally, she somehow lost them and went to the line at the bar and I made my move.

I made some small talk (opened with “Are you from Pécs? Is it a good place to live?” blabla…) and did some heavy kino real early. Went for a long handshake, then I locked hands with her (GLL style), touched her belly, biceps while teasing her (you got license for those guns?), then put her hands on her lower back and pulled her in for a first kiss attempt, which she gracefully rejected by pulling her away. We had a great masculine-feminine polarity, she was mostly looking into my eyes, and enjoyed what I was doing. Like a little shy girl.

Meanwhile, 2 times we were interrupted by cock blocker girlfriends with the “we’re going to the next place” line, but she didn’t flee. I number closed her, she obliged, and said we can meet up later tonight for a drink. Ultimately she flaked (she did reply twice to my messages tho). I felt I had a chance with her had she stayed some more. Anyway, the interaction “raised my vibe” considerably.

Then I approached a cat girl later who turned out to be Turkish. I didn’t get as far with her as she said early that she’s having a girls night out so I took the message and left.

Later I saw 2 girls sitting near the fountain. I went there, and again just bs small talked with a pale redhead who was a (recently unemployed) massuer. Long story short, she rejected my first kiss attempt the same way by pulling away, but then complied when I said I want a goodbye kiss (after I number closed her).

Later on on she kind of changed her mind too sadly. This just shows how important momentum is with nightgame. “Heat of the moment” is the name of the game. Once you let a girl go, your chances of success drastically decrease.


I made very few approaches and didn’t get laid, as the purpose of the trip wasn’t to pickup woman. But hell, the talent quality was phenomenal, people were really friendly and this was the most beautiful small town I saw in Hungary so far. But for a true player, big cities are the only real choice.