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Why do I write "lay reports" if I didn't even have vaginal intercourse with a girl?

Published on Sep 25, 2021. Last updated on Sep 25, 2021
By Adam Dimitrov in Sex, Seduction & Pickup
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Obnoxious anon PUA wannabes on the internet sometimes leave comments criticizing me for writing +1 (new notch) when we didn't even have proper Penis to Va-Jay-jay sex.

I wrote this article to address these comments once and for all.

If she makes me come, that's a +1.  If I shoot my Adamitos into the air like a geyser or on her luscious body, that's a +1. A girl can make me come with or without a vagina, using her hands, mouths, tits, ass, and other creative ways.

Therefore, assuming I come, having any sexual relations with a girl counts as +1 in my Player's Almanac. To reiterate, if I get a blowjob/handjob/anyjob from a girl and orgasm, that's a +1. What I do to her sexually doesn't influence the outcome, but there's a high correlation that I'm giving her pleasure too, of course.

I'm not here to extract out mechanical sex. I don't treat girls are masturbation machines. Instead, I use daygame to make my existence here on Earth better via intimate/sexual relationships with girls. But sex itself without good chemistry with a girl is unfulfilling.

Thus, if I do ANYTHING sexual to her WHENEVER, but I don't orgasm, I don't count that as +1.

So no, I don't count fingerings as +1.

Capiche, asshole?

I don't care what the Ministry of PUAs gives their approval or not. I'm just stating how I count this shit.

It's not as if non-vaginal sex is exponentially easier to get or inferior in any way to "real sex." Otherwise, every guy out there would be swimming in non-pussy sex.

Let me make it clear again. I'm doing this shit to improve my life. I want to have sex with more and hotter girls. On top of this, I like it when I'm not having impersonal, forgettable, meaningless sex.

I'm not a rapist or sociopath, so if a girl gives REAL resistance (not token resistance), I won't force the sexual encounter any further.

Yesterday I got a girl into my home, I fingered her, made her come at least five times. It wasn't due to my (sophisticated) fingering technique by the way; it was because WHO was doing it. This 25-year-old Persian girl had been with three guys her entire life, all LTRs. Meanwhile, here I am, fingering her then almost fucking on the 3rd date (saw my dick on the 2nd date), but she's not letting me despite my best efforts (she's a strong-willed girl).

She then proceeds to blow me and caress me with her hands, and I promptly come on her face and beautiful breasts. We spent the better half of the day together, and I'm enjoying her beautiful feminine energy, and she likes every inch of me too. I'm looking for exactly this experience.

Had I fucked her, NOTHING would have changed because she's squarely into me.  She wants to fuck with me every night and fill her pussy with my thick dick. It's just that she's not into me fucking other girls at the same time.

She wants a committed relationship, which, as we know, is a desire programmed into girls. Sadly, I'm just getting started with my player journey and have yet to satisfy my notch hyena. Even though I wanted to, I couldn't say yes to her.

Second, I want people to find my lay reports when they search on Google, and "lay report" is the de facto keyword used. I can't call my lay reports Sexual Encounter Reports. Or Another Girl Made Me Come Report. Definitely not Adam's Orgasm Report.

Third, lays are excellent proxies for measuring my improving sexual life. Am I having sex with more and/or hotter girls? Yes, I am. However, the last two girls I had sex with I didn't have vaginal intercourse with. But they still count in my book.

Why do I do daygame

Warning: rambling ahead!

I'm not here to participate in some retarded PUA version of keeping up with the Joneses. I'm not here to have imaginary dick-measuring contests about who's the most Alpha or has the best "game."

I'm investing my time right now to look as good as possible, which is THE most effective way to improve the quality and quantity of women you sleep with. Which is my goal, not to be a silver-tongued smooth-ass motherfucker.

Many of the alleged high-n-count lay machines usually have lives that are not in the slightest attractive to me. 

For example, let's take Roy Walker, who I don't know personally and have zero beef with, by the way. I'm just using him as an example because he's the most well-known guy in the daygame community. I enjoyed reading his posts and trying to learn what I could from him.

He seems to get laid copiously nowadays. Good for him. But his personality and preferred lifestyle are nothing like mine. He drinks way too much, is a football fan, and goes to these stereotypical sports bars (*puke*) and fucks girls who he despises after blowing his load into them.

He's like Jason Statham from the movie Crank or Gerald Butler from Machine Gun Preacher (in the beginning part). Exciting for 90 minutes, but living his lifestyle in the long term seems hollow to me, and I wouldn't be happy even if I got laid every day this way. He appears to be in existential despair, which he copes with his nihilistic/self-deprecating humor ("#brokenman").

A lot of other successful PUAs are like this. You can add a sprinkle of conspiracy theorist tendencies and taking the idea of libertarianism too far, and we come a perfect circle.

My personality tends to lean into the "good-hearted and responsible, but still craving excitement" side of the spectrum. I want girls to add to my life, not to make an unsatisfying existence a bit more bearable via meaningless sex. I don't drink often, don't smoke, barely tried drugs (some weed and two lines of coke, just for fun). I work out, eat well, I read science-based for fun. I wouldn't say I like traveling or jaunting either. I'm not interested in self-destructive behaviors. I'm quite a responsible person who wants to gain advantage of today's casual sex marketplace. I'm not perfect or flawless by any means, but I strive to be better.

Holy shit, a mentally and emotionally healthy guy doing pickup?!

I still want to get laid and have exciting, fast, and non-committed sex, though. :(

Luckily, it's possible without being a self-destructive asshole! :D 

I had sex seven times already since I started doing daygame. But, unfortunately, I got stopped in my tracks by COVID and then an unfavorable living situation opposite of ideal for having a sex life. So my sex life was on hold for a good 1.5 years, after half a year of dipping my toes into pickup.

Being the responsible and conscientious person I am, during this sexually barren epoch of my life,  I set up a business that funds my life without active work while amassing +20k in savings.

Now I'm back in Budapest for less than three weeks, and I have already had sexual relationships with two sexy (okay, not vaginal intercourse), sweet, emotionally healthy girls OFF THE FUCKING STREET.

Isn't it incredible?

Compared to my chode early 20s self, I've advanced MASSIVELY. Compared to the majority of PUA wannabees, this is excellent performance too, in my opinion. 

The process of daygame is easy for me, and I can take rejections like a champ most of the time. I'm developing my own style of daygame. I like efficiency and don't like chasing girls that are not into me fast and waste my time. Contrary to the popular PUA notion, I don't believe maybe girls are better in any way (looks or personality).

They're just not that into me (aka there's incompatibility), so I have to invest my finite time into these girls hoping I can "show enough value" for them to like me so we can hopefully fuck.

In other words, I have to invest more to win the hearts of LESS valuable girls. Life is too short to convince lukewarm girls. 

An extreme example but suitable for illustration: remember this half-gypsy girl I accidentally dated? She is a half-gypsy girl, less attractive than me, a single mom with a possessive-abusive ex. On top of this, she brings her (half) gipo family along the date and expects ME to court (!) HE and audition to be a provider.

Okay, let's say she's an actual "10" 21-year-old blonde, big titty Nordic princess from the Swedish Royal Family, and she's lukewarm to me and bitchy. Assuming I'd want to get her, the whole foundation of this relationship is built on sand.

Even if I pull a Krauser-esque game and I somehow seduce her and fuck her, a girl that had to be gamed to like you constantly need to be gamed. Plus, she's less pleasant than a girl that's into you from the beginning.

I consider myself and my life a "value statement." If this isn't what she wants/is looking for, then sorry, I am who I am. Why would I waste my time with someone I like less but have to work more for?

At least in this example, she has objective value that's theoretically worth pursuing. But most girls aren't like this. A girl may be hot but not pleasant to be around or boring. If she's hot, pleasant, and interesting (= complete package), and we just naturally hit off, isn't that perfection?

A realistic view of daygame is that there's a set amount of Yes girls that are acceptable quality to you at any given moment in time.

Daygame allows me to gain advantage of these opportunities like oil drillers in the early 20th century. Unfortunately, most girls I open are non-starters, even if I were the hottest guy and had the best game in the world. They're just unavailable. I'm actually happy about this. Given that I may have a girlfriend or wife in the future, I'm glad that most girls don't say yes to the first hot guy that crosses their path.

If I present myself to a yes girl, then "I don't need game" because "game is played in the land of Maybes." We established that maybe girls offer the same or lower value for a higher price. Thus there's no point approaching these kinds of girls any differently unless you like chasing and don't consider it tedious or have a shortage of pussy in your life. If oil deposits are abundant on dry land, why would I build expensive platforms off-shore?

Learning Game is about emulating high-value man behavior. The whole Mystery Method et al. is redundant (assuming it works in the first place) if you work on becoming a hot/exceptional/high-value guy. You don't need to attempt to "create attraction" when you're already attractive. If you're not a hot/exceptional/HQ man, become one.

Even Krauser himself said that "looks matter most for R-selection (quick, passionate, uncommitted sex)." He then wholly neglected his looks (until recently) and went on to increase his value as a man via "game." 

In my view, he increased his value in a thousand little ways, many hard to even notice or describe, e.g. developing his character/charisma, becoming an eloquent, silver-tongued, and interesting person, he's well-read, etc.

This is partially due to his personality: he was well-read, worldly, and intelligent even before his self-improvement journey. He played to his strengths.

Nevertheless, he worked on his value and reaped the rewards. I'm doing the same things in my own way, tailored to my personality, strengths, and weaknesses. God bless ya'll.