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Lay Report 8#: The Tall Brunette In Red Dress (Daygame)

Published on Jun 12, 2021. Last updated on Jul 20, 2021
By in Sex, Seduction & Pickup
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This post was originally published on August 22, 2020.

Preamble: This won’t be my longest or most detailed lay report. Also, I’ve reorganized the lay numbering convention in my posts, so now I count my total lays + source (online, DG, NG). She’s my 5th daygame lay.

I was just done on a sunny August day with my hearty double-kebab lunch.

I was on my way to the local lake park area to ruminate on the contents of my gut when I saw her this tall brunette beauty in an classy red dress and a very eye catching ass shaking like jell-o. This was from 100 meters. Talk about instincts.

I’m speeding towards her with my bike and made the strategic decision to disembark my bike and do my world famous Bike Front Stop.

I do my usual “Don’t bite my head off, but [COMPLIMENT]” opener. She likes it instantly. I hold a spontaneous conversation. I mention that I didn’t know there was a movie gala held in town (jokingly referring to her really classy-elegant red dress). She laughed and said “Oh, no, this is how I dress all the time”. We talked for a minute or two, then I invited her to accompany me to my destination. She had her godmother with her by the way, but she was very gracious and excused herself for grocery shopping soon.

We had great chemistry and personality-match. Long story short, in the next 30 minutes the following happened: kissing, touching, sexualization, her telling me about her heart broken my her ex recently, and invite to house.

She was very receptive to everything I did and though she’d be down for an SDL. Turns out the opposite was true, but first let me just shower her with praises some more.

She is really sex-positive, charming, feminine, enjoys being feminine, like masculine men (me :P). Quick witted and can keep engaging in conversations.

She’s 18 yo, 182cm, had 7 partners (2 serious relationships). She’s like what all the older-redpill players dream after: wife-material, has good values, not prudish, high-sex drive, lady in public, whore in the sheets, loves and wants children while she’s young, good background, loves cooking, would love to be a housewife, she’s a extroverted, high emotional intelligence and more. That’s enough singing praises of her.

If I were looking for a wife, she’s be a strong candidate.

She’s last year in high school, studying to be a doctor. She's 18 years old.

Lots of time on her hands, and mine too in this small town I’m in, so we meet 2 times again in a cafe/tea place. Then I invite her up, we meet there like 3-4 times, she becomes comfortable with being naked and me groping her 10/10 ass and nice handful of tits, but won’t let me fuck her. She was very “I don’t know” before I finally fucked her (despite all the sex positivity, she didn’t “give it up easily”), but now that she “gave herself to me”, she’s DEMANDING that we meet daily for sex.

She did demand exclusivity, which I agreed to, as I’m more than satisfied sexually now, I also want to concentrate on growing my business and not chasing tail in this hot summer heat for now.

(PS: She’s on the pill, so sex is even more fun).

Game lessons

My personalized “game” style has developed: I read Krauser’s Mastery (among many others), and learned a lot from it. However, he himself states that the contents of his book dissects his personal style for laying women and what worked for him. He acknowledges that every person has different strengths, weaknesses, priorities and personality.

Well, I’m quite different from him, so I took the liberty to develop my own style. Now that I’m 350 approaches into my journey, I de-emphasized/ditched some parts of his model (too much focus on the convoluted openers, stacking and mythology – and on verbal game overall) and focused strongly on others (showing intent, making leaps of faith, escalating, masculine presence, etc.)

Simple, on the point, honest openers: nowadays I default to my [Hi. Don’t bite my head off, but [COMPLIMENT]” opener in most cases nowadays. Universal, succinct, states my intent, honest, a short “excuse” for approaching, filters for available, non-gamey, high self-esteem girls. Not trying to be clever, witty or smooth.

Deregulated/spontaneous conversations: Given that the verbal aspect of game is the LEAST significant, I don’t spend too much mental brainpower over what to say or when, apart from basic-common sense reading of her body language and reactions that any normal person with decent EQ and a couple hundred approaches worth of experience behind his back can do. It IS important to lead the conversation towards the ultimate goal of bedding the girl.

Escalation, making moves and leap of faiths: Making a move on a girl in whatever physical form (light touch, holding hand, kiss attempts, intimate touch, hand on dick, etc.) is sexy. And mandatory, if you want the interaction to end up in sex. And persistence is sexy too, so try again a few times (within reason, using social intelligence) if you get rejected the first time.

If you like her, show it and don’t be shy about it: If you go up and state your intent to a girl, and she accepts, it’s acceptable to advance onto the next step of the (compliance) ladder. A girl and a guy liking and wanting to fuck each other is he most normal thing in the world. Hold her hand, touch her, tell her how sexy she is, kiss her, caress her, stare in her eyes, tell what would you like to do with her, lead her to your bed. If she likes it (or does not resist), why stop? It’s the men’s job to make it happen. In fact, if you stop making your moves, she would be confused why you’re stopping. You just told her you like her… well, act like it!

Funny how my childhood conditioning made me think all of this is AWFUL and CRINGY, while this is absolutely normal male mating behavior.