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Lay Report 6#: The Persian Student (Daygame)

Published on Jun 12, 2021. Last updated on Jul 20, 2021
By Adam Dimitrov in Sex, Seduction & Pickup
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This post was originally published on April 4, 2020.

This daygame lay happened in early December 2019.

The approach

I was working on my laptop in the university building (not going to disclose the faculty to due to anonymity), when my girl – let’s call her “Persian” – walked in the the building. I only saw her from afar entering. She had giant, piercing eyes with a bit of an angry expression on her face.

She was about 160-165cm tall, brown eyes and haired, 30yo persian student (initially, she lied and said 29).

Luckily for me, she sat down opposite of me, about 10 meters away, alone, seemingly not doing anything. So I thought what the hell, I might as well approach her.

I can’t rememer what I commented on, perhaps her beauty. During the convo, she said she’s studying here and that she’s from Persia. I also did some kino, including touching her arm and hair. She was a bit shocked by that, but didn’t resist. Overall the I felt the conversation went well and I gave it the best I could. I took her number and off she was.

Protip: Budapest has at least 6 mayor universities in the city center that I know of, probably more. It’s great to work there from time to time, as many have “study areas” with tables, chairs and an internet connection. I also integrated walking through the uni buildings into my daygame route this winter, as I don’t particularly fancy malls. You can apply this in your city too.

The date(s)

I texted her and she replied fast. Setting up the date was easy too.

We met in a bar café 5-10m from my place. I don’t remember how was she dressed exactly, but it was sexy enough. I don’t rememer much of the date, but she was talking so much I said, “Can I talk now?”.

She was shocked a bit, apologized, but liked that I didn’t hide my dick. Rememer, never hide your dick, gentleman.

I recall definitely went into sexual topics, but we talked about normal comfort topics as well.

She had to go home after 2-3 hours, and we left without kissing. She didn’t really give me an opporunity, plus we were sitting at a place that may not have been discreet enough (a big need of Persian girls).

Given that I feel a kiss is neccessary condition for her to prove her attraction to me and for me to continue investing in the next date(s), I kind of mentioned it and she give me a big kiss.

It wasn’t done in the most calibrated way, but I got what I wanted. At that point, honestly didn’t know if I would have seen here again, she didn’t give me clear signals.

I wanted to set up date 2, but she was giving me bullshit excuses about her exams/classes, but in a week the whole world could go to hell, so I persisted. I “convinced” her to meet up, saying it’s good for your health to take a break from studying, to grab a drink with hot guys like me, etc. ;)

She agreed, and we went to my favorite venue 2 bar (a la Mastery). She was quite sexy with her cleavage visible (we all love boobs, don’t we gentlemen?).

I was much more natural than on date 1 and she mentioned in retrospect that I was more real and that she liked it. Despite this, I felt that I definitely needed to be game-aware and on point with her.

We did normal comfort and rapport stuff, but I felt I needed to heat this up so I started some kino escalation. By the end I was subtly caressing her neck-cleavage and upper boobs area.

She looked down with her large piercing brown eyes – which is the trademark body characteristic of Persian girls -, but she allowed it. I didn’t try to bounce her home as she said she was tired and I didn’t feel it was right. I felt that the date was successful.

I was correct…

When I contacted her the next time, she was eager to meet and she actually suggested a Shisha bar, in front of her house.

The place was far from mine, but it was the perfect Venue 3 (a la Mastery) – dark, secluded, seductive, private.

I wish I had one of these places near mine, but unfortunately these are usually in the city center, a bit far from my home.

So we go in and it seems pretty on. We order some shisha, we smoke and continue to talk.

At some point she mentions, “Did you notice I’m not wearing a bra?”. I said “Yes, I did” and took this is a big green light. At this point kino and kissing were all normalized.

The lay

I don’t remember if I bounced her or of she suggested we go to my place, but we were on our way.

I think it was her, actually.

We had to take the fuckin tram (10m) and another 10m walk to my place. It was obvious that sex was going to happen (she made it happen, essentially), but she still pulled the “we’re not going to have sex” card as we exited the shisha bar.

I said, “We only going to do whatever we are comfortable with”, while thinking, “Oh my God, a girl finally pulled this token resistance bullshit line on me for the first time”.

As we went up I acted normal and didn’t pressure her at all. I give here a tour and poured her some wine. She downed the wine fast. She clearly wanted to get down to business, but she needed wine to help her relax.

We sat down on the couch, chit chatted for a few minutes and then we went to making out. I knew that she made the choice to fuck, so I started to escalate and finally feeling her nice handful of boobs. I started rubbing, the fingering her pussy. She was wet and enjoying it.

So I underdressed here, and then myself. I was taking my time and didn’t go for fucking her. She told me later she liked that I wasn’t rushing her. Now, she said she was a vaginal virgin. She said there’s plenty of ways to pleasure without pussy sex.

So this night she serviced me with her hands and mouth… awfully I must say. She made me go numb, then limp and I didn’t cum that night. To this day, she doesn’t know how to give a hand and oral properly.

Luckily, next time performed better and I came. She even let me be the first guy to fuck her in the pussy (which was really nice, as you can imagine).

I also invested into some grapeseed massage oil (~4-5 EUROS), which is a must for a guy like me, who had phimosis (i.e. you can’t really pull down the foreskin too deep). Thanks to her Va-Jay-Jay (as we christened her pussy) and the oil (which makes handjobs and even fucking for me easier) I can say that I’m effectively cured of phimosis (if I fuck regularly to keep my foreskin from regressing) and I don’t have to undergo circumcision.

Edit: I did get circumcised in May of 2021.

She was my quasi-girlfriend/regular until now (beginning of April 2020).


Maybe girl/amber lights: she was the first girl since the beginning of my game journey where I felt I had to actively apply game principles. I felt she was a living shit test. This is where all my hard work finally started to pay off. She green lighting me until the last date (or end of 2nd date). She was always replying to me lightning fast tho, which was a breathe of fresh air.

Quasi girlfriend: I didn’t keep the “see her 1-2x a week rule”. She though for the first month and a half that this will be a relationship and I told her nope, this is and will be casual. She simply wasn’t living up to my feminine ideal and I was looking to bang at least 20 girls to get the feeling of inadequacy due my low notch count out of my system.

In the end, I offered her an open-relationship, knowing full well she’d decline me (since she told me she was very monogamous) and she respectfully declined (“Fuck you!”).

She then apologized over Whatsapp and we were broken up for 8 days. Then I found her on Tinder, wrote her and we kind of made up. From then on we went FWB.

Previous boyfriends: she had 1 serious relationship before, the rest were long-term FWBs in essence (5-10 maybe in total?). She told that she always ended them due to “not being attracted” or even “disgusted” by them after some time. This happened to my too just a few days ago “let’s be normal friends (without sex)”.

My dick is wider than average: I was initially suffering from performance issues due too tight condoms. The usual condom girth/diameter is 54mm, and I found that for my gun the 57mm Mysize condom is the best. No circumcision necessary!

Also, my dick was supposedly the 2nd largest he saw, although my size isn’t excepcional, but probably above average.

I’m probably talking too much about my dick at this point, so let’s move on.

Massage oil: the previously mentioned massage oil has done wonders for me, as it allowed me to pull my foreskin down to max. I use it every time with handjobs and even fucking. I apply very little when fucking, so it won’t break the condom, but I always did some raw doggy first with this girl and put on the condom later when I’m getting close. I know, I know, I’m not being responsible, but this is how it was. Before this, using the condom was actually better (despite the tightness).

I’m good at sex: She maintained the opinion for a long time that I’m 9/10 in bed, then later modified it to 10/10 after I started going down on her.