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Lay Report 7#: The Mongolian Student (Daygame)

Published on Jun 12, 2021. Last updated on Jul 20, 2021
By in Sex, Seduction & Pickup
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This post was originally published on May 1, 2020.

This is a post that even I’m surprised to write, as I wasn’t expecting to get laid 1.) yesterday, 2.) during Corona, 3.) the same day (first time!) 4.) with a really pretty girl.

“B” was a 23 yo Mongolian exchange student studying here in BP. She’s about 170cm, nice round ass and perfect handful mid-sized tits, with a cute wide Mongolian chipmunk face.

According to my logs, my last approach was on March 15 and I did a total of 99 approaches this year, without much success. 3-4 promising leads dried up as the virus hit, before I could date them and they dropped off one-by-one.

I was feeling shitty this week. My concentration plummeted. I was restless. Couldn’t get anything done. Even I, who can handle solitude, started reaching my limits.

I was craving social stimulation and the company of YHT women, so I said “Fuck it, I can’t take this anymore. I’m going to the city center and I’m going to approach and break the ice. Worst case, I get a blowout. No big deal”.

It seems my worries were blown way out of proportion.

The approach

This day I choose a different route than my usual stroll along the Danube. I walked through the scarcely populated now-not-so touristy streets to the main square (Deak tér), and then circled back using different now-not-so-touristy streets.

To my surprise, I saw a handful of pretty girls, but I never did feel like front stopping them during the Corona. I was worried about someone else recognizing me trying to pick up a poor girl, and come to the rescue. Given the streets were empty, I would have stood like a sore thumb. You could call this CAA (Covid Approach Anxiety).

I was done with 3/4th of my trip when I arrived at Nehru part, a park near the Danube which is part of my usual 1h leg-stretching routine. I decided to go through the middle of the soft green grassy part instead of the sidewalk with people sitting on benches and joggers/cyclists passing you by.

In the middle of the green grassland I spot a cute dark figured girl sitting on the grass, chilling with a beer and music. She was in sporty clothing, with Nike sneakers, a tight sweatpants and a black female undershirt. I’d rate her a 8 before sex, and high 7 after. I thought “what the fuck” and approached her. I called the covid elephant in the room, and she was happy to get into a conversation with me.

Approaching during quarantine: Hungary is a scarcely infected place (3000 confirmed infected as of date, half of that in BP) and the park had a chill vibe with people all over during a beautiful spring day. In this situation I felt it was okay to approach in a socially calibrated way.

However, I wouldn't approach in a supermarket or on public transport where everyone is on Defcon 1 nor if I'd live in a heavily virus-hit place (like NY, Italy, Spain). Nor did I do heavy kino and I actually kept my distance and slowly came closer as the conversation went on. I really kept it safe.

Daygame responsibly yo!

Back to the story.

We have a probably 30-45m conversations, which I could label an idate. I find out:

R-selection clues: Based on these signals I safely labelled her as an R-select girl. PS: I was right.

I also figured given nightlife is dead (aka no hooking up and 0 male attention) and she mentioned having negative experiences with Tinder, she must be really sexually unfulfilled/it was a long time since her last sexual encounter.

Meanwhile, I kept it cool, I hinted that I’m experienced with woman. That I was going to move back to my hometown in 2 weeks (I don’t know if she remembered that). I also qualified her as feminine/knows how to be a woman and that not all woman can pull that off. I brought up American woman as a counter example. :)

(sorry US readers).

We talked about woman too. The conversation was genuine, enjoyable, she was intelligent, we’re laughing. I didn’t keep track of whatever “phase” I was in. The conversation was simply… flowing. Minimal game was needed.

At the end, I said that I got to go and asked what she’s doing later today (it was about 5-6pm at this point). She said “she should study for exams”, so a weak excuse. I asked, “Normally I would invite you to a bar for drinks… (but since everything is closed), would you like to come over and have a drink at my place, so we can get to know each other?”.

At least covid gives a great excuse to schedule the date straight at your place. :)

One funny line she said: I probed what kind of alcohol she likes so I can stock up. I like wine, she was drinking beer. So I teased her a bit about being a “beer girl” and ultimately she said “whatever it is, as long as it’s alcohol”.

In mind, I was thinking, okay this is a great positive signal. Before I left, I did another compliance and said, “I generally like to say goodbye with a hug”. She stood up and hugged me, which was also a good signal.

The date

She arrived at my place 7 minutes early at 19:53. She was dressed in a single tight black dress, showing a lot of leg and cleavage. Another R-selection clue.

I gave her a tour. She commented (like all girls did so far) how clean and tidy I am. This seems to be a universal positive attribute. Be K-select with housework, R-select with the chicas y’all. I guess a 27 yo guy being clean and tidy is a rarity nowadays.

We went out to the balcony, after I poured us some Rozé wine. We drank the whole bottle that night, by the way.

We started getting to know each other. Random comfort chitchat. I was noticing what would lite up the spark in her eyes, and usually it was either the “let’s pour some more wine” among other more R topics.

After it started getting dark and cold, we went in an sat on the couch. At some point, I started the questions game. We very fast went into sexual topics. In fact, she proactively breached the topic of sex. I think her first question was “When was the last time you had sex?”. I said 3-4 weeks ago, her in February (= a lot of pent up desire). She mentioned she has a threesome when she was 18 (= more R). Mentioned she likes independent, autonomous men who in control of their lives (= me). Her favorite part to be kissed is her neck. And told me about her rape sexual fantasy.

At this point, we had not that much kino, tho I did play around once with her rings and she also fell into my hands as were sitting side by side with each other.

Ultimately, I touched and grabbed her neck, citing that “so you said you like your neck being touched”. I then bring her in for the kiss and unleashed the floodgates of her desire. We start making heavily, literally 2-3 minutes of french kissing, while my hands accidentally slid down to her nice Mongolian milk jugs and ass. I prospected the land then guided her hand to my “ready-for-war” dick which she proceeded to rub.

Then I grabbed her and took her to my french bed in the other room in my hands. She really liked that. I throw her on the bed. Clothes come off and I start fingering her. I wanted to go down on her, but she didn’t want to.

I grabbed my grapeseed oil to aid in dick lubrication process and rubbed some on her pussy too. I flipped her around to her belly and started jack hammering her from behind. I wanted to get my dick wet without a condom, so I said I’ll do it raw a bit and put a condom on later, she obliged after thinking a little bit. When I was 80% I put on a condom and finished in her.

Raw doggy: Don't do this at home kids. It's probably a habit I will let die due to STD safety reasons.

After sex, she said she liked the daytime approach (“it was brave”) and thought I was cute and was thinking “Let’s see how this turns out”. Her favorite body part on my was my eyes, eyelashes and even eyebrows!

(Not the eyelashes again!)

She also mentioned I had an Italian/Spanish look. We only had 1 round, although I could have managed a 2nd, tho I already jerked off that day, so it’s all good.

We’ll see how long this will last. She didn’t ghost yet and I think she’ll be happy about a casual relationship.

Until next time, fellow players!