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Lay Report 4#: My First Daygame Lay

Published on Jun 12, 2021. Last updated on Dec 04, 2021
By Adam Dimitrov in Sex, Seduction & Pickup
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This is my first daygame lay and my 4th overall lay, in 2019 June.

I read Roosh’s “Day Bang” book in May which taught me indirect ways to open girls in coffee shops, clothing stores, and other mundane places. I may have read The Game from Roosh as well.

I was ready to rain down terror on Budapest’s pussy population (or so I thought…).

I met Miss. Office, a low-7 woman 31yo slim brunette with blue eyes, in a government office at around noon on a weekday. I was actually going to the barbershop to get my hair and beard fixed up and then said, “I need to get something from here anyway”.

(I legitimately did).

I entered the government office (Kormányablak) and after I got my ticket I scanned the room for available and attractive girls.

I laid my eyes upon Miss. Office, who had tight-fitting clothes, which perfectly accentuated her fine ass (which was her best part). I sat down next to her and asked something about the ticket and how long does it take to get served or something. She immediately engaged in the conversation and gave such a strong, piercing eye contact through the whole conversation that it was immediately clear she was a Yes Girl.

We had an absolutely normal conversation about why we were there. She wanted to go to London next month for some vacation (with “the girls”, maybe). Despite the seemingly PC conversation, below the surface, there was sexual tension and flirting.

It seemed like I had to wait a lot and I had to get to my appointment with the barber, so I number closed here, which she willingly gave.

We set up a date a few days later. At this point, I didn’t really know what to do on dates, as I haven’t read Daygame Mastery. At this point, my main obstacle was touching, and I know if I don’t escalate this whole thing will go nowhere.

We had a nice conversation for 1-2h while drinking some Sauvignon Blanc, but I sensed I needed to make a move so I put my hand behind her back. I really didn’t know what I was doing.

However, reading and thinking did give me some direction, and I since she was living close to me and in the same direction. I walked her home, asking her to hold on to my arms. I still do that knight move sometimes. I just wanted to have more kino dammit!

We arrived at the door of my house where we kissed and had a little make-out. I started squeezing her ass while we did it. I invited her up, but she reluctantly but politely refused. Roosh said you should try again 5 times before giving up, so I started asking again with stupid excuses like “just for 1 cup” or “But I want to show you the balcony!”.

She said no, but she felt flattered and left while giving me a deep look in my eyes.

A couple of days later, we set up a 2nd date in a park close by. It was basically sunny outside, as it was summer. We met, talked a while and we kissed. I invited her up to my balcony again. This time she came.

We arrived, I poured her some wine and we sat on the balcony. I realized that if she’s here, she must be DTF, so I kind of abruptly started kissing and making out with her. I lead her inside, I took off her clothes, then I took mine and we made some sweet… sweet love.

This lay came after about 20-30 approaches, so I had fairly quick success in my journey that proved to me that this shit works.

It also ended a 2 years dry spell for me after I broke up with my then-girlfriend of 9 months.

We ended up meeting (fucking) again 3-4 times before she ultimately ghosted me, due to some unattractive/chodey behavior of mine. Hey, I didn’t say I was perfect.

Overall, she was into me from the start, I had a higher SMV than her, I didn’t have to apply too much game to score this lay.

But it was a good reference experience and this started me on the path of daygame.