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First Week in Budapest Daygame Report

Published on Aug 31, 2021. Last updated on Aug 31, 2021
By in Sex, Seduction & Pickup
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If you're following me on Twitter, you know that I've been planning to return to Budapest for months now. The time finally came after I got my 2nd dose of the Pfizer vaccine and finalized to move to a new place we bought in Alicante.

While I was in Spain from January-August, I had a circumcision surgery, lost 16kgs, and saved up about 20.000 euros. I was laying the footwork for the real fun that was about to come in Budapest, where the pretty girls are.

I did make a few dozen approaches in Spain, but I didn't consistently approach, as I didn't have a sex location (I lived with my family quite far from the main daygame area).

So now that I made the move to Budapest, found a flat (moving in today!), and approached around 30-40 girls, I want to give a sitrep. 

The goal is to give an accurate picture of the reality of daygame, even for a guy who supposedly has it on "easy mode" (190cm, six-pack visible, dark/brown/Mediterranean features, intelligent).

I've been counting my approaches in a lax manner, but I have 34 approaches written here in my trusty Excel sheet, which is more or less accurate. 

I got about seven contacts, most of which are numbers, two are FB contacts.

Keep in mind, I'm not even running any technical game or LDM. I'm just opening with whatever comes into my mind, usually something akin to "Hi, don't bite my head off, but I thought you were pretty" or "Hi, I'm not a many of words, but I thought you were pretty."

I believe that the verbal part is the least important part of getting girls, and they fall into place anyway if I find a Yes Girl. Besides, being silver-tongued is not my strength.

The approaches which resulted in a contact

One hot girl was with two girlfriends and seemed to be a masculine girl (in temperament) who probably did some competitive sports. She had a firm handshake, seemed extroverted, and reacted with laughing hard when I approached.

We had an extended handshake and intense eye contact, but I felt it wasn't serious. Her girlfriends were also hanging around our necks. Maybe she was wary about their opinion. I took her number, but she never responded.

Then there was a young Hungarian-Arab hottie with huge tits that caught my eye. She's about to start university and just moved to town. She was receptive and had a pleasant bubbly personality, and I took her number. She responded to my SMS (as she doesn't have any Viber/WhatsApp) and said she'd download Viber, but so far didn't respond to my date invite. I'm going to give her a call later before I write this one off.

Then there was an alternative rocker-metal girl, also 18. She basically melted at my approach. We were touching, and she was very submissive. She was off to see friends soon, but we had a 15-20m impromptu date walking around and her making an ID card photo. She responded to my SMS and date invite, saying Wednesday isn't good. I asked when would be a good time then, still waiting for a response to that.

Then there was a cute, slim Slavic princess girl on the tram who I encountered just going about my day on the tram. I FB closed her, and she's responding, but she does have a sassy, catty temperament. But her text replies are long and detailed. Unfortunately, she fell ill, so I'm going for another date invite in a week when she gets better.

The funny thing was that initially seemed to flake, but then I ran into her AGAIN in a supermarket, and it turned out she didn't recognize my message went to the spam folder. So as I said it on Twitter, I brought this back from certain death.

I also met another girl on the tram, but this time she was getting off the tram. She was a proud, proper girl with good proportions, like your friendly neighborhood hairdresser or make-up artist. We hit off, had an instant date, but she didn't respond after. I didn't sense a spark from her side, so this lead is more or less dead.

Finally, I met a HOT AF German girl on a touristy street. Probably the hottest ones out of all my approaches (for me personally). She seemed like a popular, soul/heart of the party, tall blonde girl. 27 year old and a true head-turner.

This one crackled with sexual energy, and everything went smoothly, and she was responding perfectly. Her friend politely waited a bit further away until I did my magic, and we exchanged contacts and still keep in touch.

Unfortunately, she was with her friends and planned to spend the whole time with them doing the typical touristy things and stayed for a weekend only. I couldn't convince her to meet up with me only, but she did want me to join them that night, which I declined.

She's in the long lead territory, and I hope we'll meet up next time when she's in Budapest (which she said she'll do). Fingers crossed!

(This is what I mean when I say everything falls into place if you know basic/minimal game and meet a yes girl). 

That's it. I'm off to a good start. I'm planning to pump out more approaches this week and get some dates lined up.