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Daygamer Reveals His Identity: YuriOrlovDaygame is Adam Dimitrov!

Published on Jun 17, 2021. Last updated on Jul 20, 2021
By Adam Dimitrov in Sex, Seduction & Pickup
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This blog post is mainly for myself, for posteriority. In 5 years I'll look back and will reflect on this piece, hopefully no with regrets.

This is a big day in my life. I've decided to use my real identity from now on to write about my favorite activities: daygame.

I accept all the positive, neutral and negative consequences of my decision to publicly write about controversial topics that are soon to come on this website, especially topics regarding sexuality, seduction, sex, "how seduction looks like from the male perspective", related sociology, psyhcology, and who knows what else.

In my previous anonymous account (yuriorlovdaygame) I've written so called lay reports (in which I tell the story of how I met a girl until we ended up in bed), I partook un boasting ("Oh, I scored a Persian flag!", +1s, etc.), I talked about my approches and my number of approaches, I led an excel statistic where I documented my approaches, dates and lays.

In other words, I wrote about how I got laid with detail and how I plan to improve my sexual life, which is for some reason a controversial and polarizing topic in our society, even though under the surface everyone is preoccupied with sex one way or the other.

I did this for a variety of reasons. I wanted to document it for posteriority (I keep using this word...), to reflect on it so I can improve my competence, to share with others how human sexuality and the mating dance works in real life, for recognition and just for fun.

I enjoy both the process of approaching, talking, dating, "seducing" and having sex with girls and writing about it. Most girls I approach, even those who are unavailable or "reject me", like what I did, either thank me, say I'm brave or that I "must continue doing this". I approach girls with no ill-intention who I find attractive and desirable and hope that the girls fancy me too so that in the end we develop some sort of intimate relationship.

Sex is the carrot on the stick in front of us mens head, but ultimately both I and the girl receive much more - the experience, the intimacy, the connection, a relationship, the memory and other intangibles.

Naive people who believe in a Disney fantasy / blue pill view of the world won't like me or my writing. I don't mind them.

I'm more concerned what future lovers of mine, who I might consider for some form of committed relationship, will say about all of this or her family / friends. I understand that I will sometimes write about romantic stuff in a manner that may sound like Darwin analyzing the wildlife in Galapagos.

But my drive to share my journey in an authentic manner is too strong to suppress. So here I am.

I think men will be more understanding and supportive of all of this, especially the ones that are willing and able to improve themselves and their sexual life.

I'm also concerned about women reading this and thinking how I'm some sort of Machiavellian manipulator sexual predator, even though all I do is actively seek out willing sexual partners for consensual sex with girls I find sexy and who find me sexy.

Angry ladies reading this need to understand that for us men, nothing in sex, seduction and love "just happens naturally" (at least until we commit all of the how-to parts to muscle memory).

I'm really doing a service here for men who want to improve their relationship with the opposite sex and their sexual life. Some men only want to find a girlfriend or a wife and my insights can help them. I happen to be an exceptionally bold, open and ambitious single guy who wants to use his youth and sexual prime to experience what life has to offer.

If you don't like this, then I'm not sure there's much I can do about it.

I assume most intelligent men and women here will agree that there is no bad thing about all of this, but I did want to put this into writing for any hater in the future. I know what I'm doing may offend some people, but I just cannot hide this aspect of my personality and I hope those who value truth, honesty and authenticity will appreciate what I do.

Why go public if I could stay anonymous?

Since I started taking my sexual life seriously, I have managed to have sex with 5 women I met off the streets and talked with about 400 girls. I started around late may in 2019. Then Covid came...

I realized I love doing this, it energizes me, it electrifies me. I truly look forward to doing it, I want to get better at it, I want to do it more often.

This sounds like a great candidate to be my life's calling, even if sex(y) stuff is messy, "nasty" and controversial. I have to live with that. Can't make everyone happy.

It's normal and acceptable in our society to waste your life doing something you don't like for shit pay, sacrifice your life for things, money or possessions, to be unhealthy, to work yourself to death, to die in war, to do drugs, to spend half your waking life on social media, to complain or to waste your short life away in a myriad of ways.

The reason I'm writing about this in a public manner is because I don't want to hide this aspect of my personality. I value honesty, and being honest takes courage. Whatever I write is meaningful to me the moment I write it and I feel restrained by staying away from taboo subjects.

I want to write about how I went from a guy with no balls girls to someone who transformed his life through hard work into something he loves, with no regrets. This includes sex, girls and pickup.

"Everyone fucks", goes the saying, but somehow many people just imagine this aspect of the human experience to be a fairy tale-esque wonder that happens by chance, not something you can consciously and deliberately work on.

Believe it or not girls, we as men are not taught how to go about having a fulfilling sexual life. I have deep regrets for all the missed opportunities in my life with girls when I was in my late teens and early 20s, because nobody taught me how to be a sexually competent and confident man.

Nobody told me that sex doesn't have to be shameful and telling a girl she's pretty, that you'd like to date her and have sex with her is actually a POSITIVE thing. And that NOTHING happens when you get a "no" for answer.

It's okay, you miss 100% of the shots you don't take.

Instead of things, money and possessions, I'm centering my life around relationships, sexual and social experiences. This is what fulfills me. I also writing about it, like an explorer discovering new lands.

Luckily we live in an era where everyone has relative freedom to choose how he/she chooses to live.

Apart from another daygamer Krauser and perhaps a few other's, I don't see many people setting up a lifestyle to pursue this way of life, so I though not writing about this would be a sin.

Writing about controversial topics polarizes people

Based on the accounts of other high-profile writers and bloggers, in addition to my own common sense, I can deduct the following effects of polarization.

Every person has a filter through which they view themselves and the world. Some people are religious, some are not. Some have a very conservative stance when it comes to sexuality, some are more liberal. Inevitably, my taking a stance on controversial topics, there will be a small minority of people who will despise , hate me or can't afford to publicly take me on for what I represent.

I probably can't get sponsors for my videos from companies like SquareSpace or NordVPN. Certain interviews will be off limits.

I'm okay with that.

My income is already independent of corporations and I only worked real job in my life for 3 months.

I'm on the path of the small business owner and being a controversial "sex guy" won't affect my income. I'm also not a overly concerned about the opinion of my friends and family. I'm not a huge family guy anyway.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, there will be people who completely accept who I am and will be fans, friends and companions. I welcome these people with open arm. Maybe we can do some orgies together when I we get there!

And there will be the the majority of neutral people, who either read my site  or either bounce immediately without too much care for who I am and what I'm doing.

I can live with all this.