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Date Report: My first WTF date night with gym receptionist at a bar on Friday night

Published on Jun 17, 2021. Last updated on Jul 20, 2021
By Adam Dimitrov in Sex, Seduction & Pickup
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Originially posted on May 30, 2020.

A week ago I met a cute gym receptionist girl who I number closed and we set up a date right away on the spot. She checked her schedule and we agreed to meet on Friday night at a local popular-ish bar.

I thought, “Wow, she was so easy, available and proactive, this may be a first date lay”. Texting was easy, no games, and she was writing texts like “I can barely wait (monkey emoji covering eyes)” and “Are you excited about tonight?”.

So I walk to the bar that is a brief 27m walk from my place according to Google Maps. Tight logistics is important, guys!

The bar itself is perfect location for seduction, if you come between 20-22h before the drunken young adult crowd makes their appearance. It has large outdoors tables with benches as seats (good for side-by-side sitting and future escalation). Inside, on the ground floor, there are long bar stools near the bar and some tables which has a good 2nd venue vibe (a la Mastery). Upstairs is the perfect venue 3 location, with large tables with a dark, seductive atmosphere, all conveniently separated by walls.

She arrives stylishly late, 35m after the agreed meeting time, barely on the edge of my boundaries. However, I was in a relaxed mood and I was chit-chatting with the bartenders and other patrons, so I wasn’t pissed.

I messaged her, “What’s up?” and she replied, “1m, we are parking”.

“We? What is ze fuckin meaning of zis?” – I thought in my mind, in a clear German accent with a touch of Bavarian.

She arrives not 1, but 5-10 minutes later with her mother and two sisters.

As it turns out, she didn’t bring them to arrange a 4-to-1 gangbang date night with me. :(

It turns out she’s got at last 50% percent gypsy blood running in her veins and this is how suitors are vetted in the family. Oh, and the other 3 sisters couldn’t make it tonight. What a pity.

They were quite conservative, thinking only serious K-selected relationships exist. Either that or nothing.

This didn’t stop the mother marrying and divorcing 3 times, but not before bearing children for each dad (at least 2 kiddos / dad, I reckon). Her daughter, the 26 yo “E” (the girl I approached), got married at 14 and had a child at 22, but got divorced from her the only man in her life, “J”. “A single mom! What a pleasant surprise!” – I thought.

Over the night, they demonstrated their low levels of intelligence (social, emotional, general) and education. They thought I should “win her favor”, like in the Old World. Nobody told them that it was 2020, apparently.

Interestingly, they didn’t look like gypsies, but they certainly acted and felt like ones. They had inferiority complex (“Why is everyone starting at us?” – while none was staring at us), history with the police (they were returning customers to the police station, and eventually the made friends with a police officer) and had a quite large family (they had a “small family gathering” tomorrow with +50-70 people).

So, I talk with E, and ask what she looking for. It turns out, her child is number one, and he ex J, wasn’t going to let anyone touch his child. “Fair enough” I said, I’m not applying to be a caretaker, sis.

But she’s not looking for a casual relationship either, due to the strict family controls and whatnot.

So I asked, “Why the hell are we even here, biatch?

“I don’t know” – she said.

That was the end of it, more or less.

Half the clan went to Mcdonalds to bring some healthy meals for late night dinner, while the mom and another sis stayed. I left them without remorse after repeated demonstration of disrespect and low EQ.

From then on I mostly remained in the bar alone and chatting up random people and girl, because I wanted to see how would this bar fare in terms of nightgame.

Everybody was friendly, but the the traffic was small (probably 60-80 people in the place), horrible M-F ratios, most girls were low or barely acceptable quality, and the ones that were okay, were with their social circle. I couldn’t even lay a 5 here, unless I waited till 2 am to snatch up some drunk-wasted “beauties”.

I suppose I made 1-2 acquaintances and sew seeds of a social circle. But it barely seems worth it, especially due to the mild hangover I had the next day.

The experience reminded me why I chose daygame.

So that’s all folks, xoxo!