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I Got an Adult Circumcision at 28 Years Old. Here's What Happened.

Published on Apr 15, 2021. Last updated on Jan 05, 2022
By Adam Dimitrov in Health
Table of Contents

In the fall of 2019, I’m in the bedroom with a cute girl, about to make some sweet, sweet love to her. There’s just a slight problem, captain! The condom is too tight! It’s making me limp! USS Python is running out of steam! Sound the alarm!

After fumbling around a little while and ruining 2 condoms, I give up and go in without my rubber armor (not a smart choice fellas, but we all make mistakes in the heat of the moment). After a few thrusts, I feel a sudden pain. I pull out. Blood. A lot of blood everywhere.

Turns out my frenulum just got ripped. And not in a good way.

Luckily, we stopped the bleeding fast, but I was out of action for a week. I went to a urologist the next day to check up on my dick.

“So how is it doctor, don’t I need emergency care? Shouldn’t we fly me to a specialist Swiss dick-sanatorium?”

“It’s alright. But you should get it circumcised. You have phimosis.”, says the urologist.

“So my life isn’t over after all! Woooooo…!” and our hero runs off and disappears into the jungle.

Tight foreskin is tight

This wasn’t the first time I experienced discomfort with my tight foreskin. In a previous serious relationship of mine it was already making my life hard (no pun intended), but nothing serious like the above episode.

My then-girlfriend mentioned that maybe I should get circumcised.

Oh yes mi amor, just like that, snippity-snappity, let’s cut off some skin from your sexual organ.

Suffice to say, I wasn’t open to the idea at the time.

With my ripped frenulum, however, I reconsidered the procedure.

It took about 1,5 years more, but I’m finally getting my adult circumcision next week. I’m 28 years of age.

Why get a circumcision as an adult?

Another reason, which was the straw that broke the camel's back was a bad bout of balanitis coupled with a urinary tract infection. The latter one hurt like hell!

Now I knew what Pvt. Guarnere meant in Bastogne when he cried, “I’m pissing needles here!”.

These… how shall we say it? — “Quality of life reducing moments” had to end. The solution was circumcision.

Apart from medical reasons, many people do it for religious, cultural or cosmetic reasons. I’m not one of those. I was happy with how the Captain looked and circumcision is virtually unheard of where I come from (Hungary).

Other benefits of a circumcised penis include less probability of urinary tract infection (yes!), sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), and even penile cancer.

Sign me up! 🙂

Note: There is a less invasive surgery called preputioplasty that may be worth looking into if you don’t want to go through such an invasive and final surgery as adult circumcision. Instead of cutting off the foreskin, they perform a few incisions which make the foreskin wider / less tight. Consult your urologist about your options.

About the Procedure

Adult circumcision is a routine surgery. It takes around 30–45 minutes from start to finish. It includes administering local anesthesia via an injection to the base of the penis and the foreskin.

It’s possible to do it using general anesthesia, but that costs more and has a higher risk. After the deed is done, a plastic ring is inserted on the penis/wound which is held there by metal staples. As the wound heals, these staples come out and so does the ring.

Cost / Pricing

I was in Hungary when I made the decision to go through with the surgery.

Getting an appointment to public urology takes 2 weeks, plus you have to pay gratitude money to the surgery performing doctor anyway, so I opted for a private clinic. The average price seems to be around 140–150k HUF (~420€ or 500$).

By this time, however, I had enough of being alone in my small hometown in Hungary, so I decided to rejoin my mother and brother who lives in sunny Spain, and try my luck with the Spanish healthcare system.

I went to my médico de cabecera (family doctor).

I got a date to the urology in about 1,5 months!

When I finally went, they told me there’s a +1 year waiting list for surgeries. Seems like I can’t get this done for free. ☹️

Fortunately, a surgery costs about the same in Valencia as in Hungary (500–600 euros). Prices depend on where you live and which doctor you’re talking, so do your research.

There are medical price comparison sites in Spain, thus finding a doctor was easy. I used

I choose a urologist who does so-called stitchless circumcisions (“sutureless” as they call it here), which should give a better aesthetic outcome, fewer complications, and pain. It only costs 100€ more compared to traditional surgery with stitches.

I paid a 50€ reservation fee and got my surgery date 2 weeks later.

Note: In the end, I had a plastic ring with small metal “staples” in it. These fused with the wound and they slowly came out as it healed. Instead of say 5–8 traditional stitches at larger intervals, I had 15–20 of these metal staples with smaller intervals, which causes less discomfort (i.e. the feeling of tightness/stretching).

The Recovery and Healing Process

So during the surgery, the foreskin was removed and the plastic ring was inserted into the penis, held on by the staplesAG/DLM-105-PL.

After the surgery, I had a temporary outer wound dressing which I had to remove in 2 hours.

Beneath was another layer of internal dressing, which I had to change in 4 days, treat it with Betadine, then reapply another, newer dressing myself for another 4 days.

Showering is forbidden during these 8 days, so I washed my armpits and that ominous other pit between my legs using creative techniques like baby wipes and targeted soap-water solutions.

Note: If you want to be even more creative, you could shower using a condom — doctor’s advice. I did shower like this and it was fine.

From Day 8 I was permitted to remove my dressing, and have a shower.

I removed the dressing one day early on Day 7, then went to shower. It felt like heaven after a week of withdrawal. I did not experience any pain during the shower.

From then on, I had to treat the wound with Betadine 4–5 times a day, until I met again with the doctor for a revision, which is 14 days after the surgery.

After I removed the wound dressing, I was told to start tinkering with the staples. If the part of the wound is healed, the staples would easily come off. I went overboard and removed the plastic ring by the night of Day 9. About a third of the staples did not come out easily. I essentially pried them out, which was a huge mistake, as that area healed much slower afterward due to continual reopening of the wound due to nighttime wood.

Lesson learned: impatience does not pay. Remove the metal staples only if they come out easily, with zero or minimal pain! Otherwise DO NOT fuck around with them!

I solved the re-opening issue by using a Hydrofiber dressing (more about this later).

By day 21 the wound effectively healed and by johnson was combat-ready.


The pain shouldn’t be too severe and over-the-counter painkillers should be enough. I bought Ibuprofen (400mg) and paracetamol (1000mg) pills. Ibuprofen can be taken every 8 hours and I could take an additional paracetamol pill 4h after it, in case the pain is too severe.

Edit: The pain turned out to be even better than expected. I took 1 painkiller immediately after the surgery. The first few hours were rough, but the next day I was painless. My wisdom teeth removal or my tonsillectomy was WAY worse. It’s important to schedule the surgery at the end of the day, so you can go to sleep early and not have to endure too much pain. 3–4 hours was more than enough for me.


Bleeding is possible, but it shouldn’t be so serious to warrant any danger.

The most serious bleeding was on the day of the operation (day 1), but it was no cause for concern even then. I also had instances of minor bleeding during the first 14 days, especially when I was probing the staples on my penis ring and during nighttime erections when the foreskin wound near the frenulum area was often re-opened.

From Surgery to Recovery: 21 Day Daily Rundown

Day 1: Skin in the game / The day of the surgery

18:00 I arrive at the clinic at the designated time. I enter, pay 550 euros (already paid 50 reservation fee), and hand them the consent forms. I soon get called in the office/surgery room of the doctor.

We talk briefly about what’s going to happen and what do I need to do after the surgery. We discuss that the excess foreskin is going to be removed. Afterward, the glans will be partially covered, but the erect penis will be fully uncovered. Perfect.

I lay down on a bed, while the doctor prepares for the surgery. He holds a syringe in his hand with a small needle.

I thank God for that.

He pokes around at the base of the penis and then gives a few shots into the foreskin as well. I was a little panicked (read: I freaked the fuck out), but I was assured the gland won’t be pinched.

I ask for something to cover my eyes with, so I don’t accidentally look at what he’s doing and jeopardize the whole thing (which I almost did).

We start talking about random stuff. I know he’s trying to calm me down this way and I play along. I bumble about why I’m doing it, why I love Eastern European girls, etc.

Occasionally I felt very light pain. I assume that is when my foreskin and I bid adieu to each other.

The procedure is over within 20–30 minutes. It was quick and practically painless. The doctor was professional and friendly. I’m 100% satisfied so far.

I go buy the necessary meds, which include 2 painkillers, a bandage and bandage sticker roll/tape, an antibiotic, and an antiseptic fluid (iodopovidone). By the way, the doctor will tell you everything you need to know. This is just what my doctor recommended to me.

19:51 It’s 60–70m after the surgery. The anesthesia still didn’t wear off, but I took an ibuprofen painkiller after the surgery. There is however a super tight bandage around my penis, which produces a quite unpleasant feeling (Edit: Turns out it was the wound hurting.)

Luckily, I can take it off in 1 hour (it felt like an eternity). I hope it will ease this feeling. The end of the penis is blue-ish. I hope my precious nerve endings aren’t dying as we speak. Trying to pass time with Star Wars Battlefront 2.

20:54 I took off the outer layer of the bandage, as instructed. The inner layer is still there and will be for 4 days. The experience is very unpleasant, but if I keep playing the game it takes my mind off of the pain.

21:05 Went to pee, then I suddenly felt hot, started feeling lightheaded, and then almost fainted. All with my pants still down.

Didn’t want my family members rescuing me in this state, so I pull my pants up and I somehow stumble back to my bed and lay down. Sweat is oozing down my face. (Edit: I’m guessing my body temperature must have shot up to 39–40C to fight off a possible infection?).

21:15 I’m alright now.

21:20 When I unintentionally contract my sphincter I feel like I’m peeing myself, but it’s actually the feeling of blood flowing out of either the frenulum or the cut. The doctor did warn me about bleeding. (Edit: Some inner part of my penis was tender which gave me this feeling of pissing myself. No actual pissing occurred.).

22:30 I am lying motionless on my bed and dozed off for the last hour. I don’t feel the pain, but if I move my body it starts coming back, so I try not to move. I feel blissful. My mother is tending to me.

23:00 Just daydreaming, then read Mastery from Robert Greene. Listening to my favorite background music. The gland’s color is normal (red), I’m confident that my dick won’t fall off after all.

23:40 I realized that the bleeding was unrelated to the feeling of peeing myself nor was I squirting blood. I guess that was just my junk having tender parts upon pressing the sphincter, and I also bled a little at the same time due to sheer coincidence.

23:45 Had a late-night dinner (protein pudding, cottage cheese with crackers), which perfectly wrecks my daily caloric deficit (I’ve been on a weight loss regimen since December). Not going be hungry at the same time as I’m suffering, dammit. Not sure when I’ll fall asleep.

~00.30 Finally I fall asleep at around this time.

Day 2: The day of reckoning

~07.00 I woke up by myself without an alarm clock but sleep in. Not in a rush to start this day. Had my first circumcised erection, which as you can imagine was painful-as-fuck.

10:54 My mom knocks on the dear asking if I’m still alive or perhaps I bled to death during the night?

11:00 I get up. Absolutely no pain at all from the groin area. No need for painkillers. The Captain also has normal color, so we can rule out all the nerve endings dying off. Had breakfast and took an antibiotic (need to take 1 every day for 5 days). I observed significant amounts of bruising on both of my testicle sacks. It doesn’t hurt but looks less than stellar.

All in all, I’m happy with the results. So far, so good.

16:55 Took care of order fulfillment and emails on the computer for my webstore, then took a stroll down to a local mall to buy some belts, after my last one completely disintegrated this morning.

Walking went without a hitch, but there was some discomfort down there with my sensitive glans so exposed. I hope that without a foreskin I’ll still be able to move around, do sports and not be a cripple.

My boxer is keeping the penis in an upright position. I also used some adhesive tape as an extra measure, so it won’t go sideways. I was told the skin on the glans will thicken due to contact with my pants over time, contrary to the popular notion that its sensitivity will decrease (nope, it’s just the thicker skin).

This should normalize the situation. At least I hope it will, otherwise I may have committed a grave mistake with this surgery.

Day 3: Erections be painful

~07:00 Why the heck do I keep waking up this early and always have another goddam painful erection?

I wait until things calm down “down there” and proceed to sleep in.

09:00 Woke up ready to start the day. No pain, no bleeding. Took my antibiotic. Too many conversations about my penis and circumcision in the household. I don’t know if I like it or not.

12:00 Going for a walk to the beach. Seems to be some open-air music band playing. On the way back, my dick is sliding sideways (Should have used the adhesive roll to fix it in place, lesson learned), but thanks to my ninja skills I managed to slide it back several times to an upright position without drawing too much attention.

Day 4: Cock a doodle do

09:00 I keep getting morning erections like clockwork at around 7 am. Every. Single. Morning. I make sure not to drink too much before bed. I make sure to pee before bed. It’s no use, comrades! If only it didn’t hurt like hell!

Me, yesterday (illustration)

Taking longer walks seems to be a problem, as my boxer and/or pants rubs against the glans. I walk funky afterward. I need to devise a solution for this.

I changed the wound dressing and I applied a new dressing at the end of the day. It was a delicate procedure. It’s still an open wound and there was some visible blood.

Day 5

09:00 Just the usual morning routine of morning wood alarm clock, peeing, then sleeping in.

17:00 I went to the city to a restaurant and I was the king of the dance floor.

But there was no dance floor. And I was no king.

I was just practicing my “maybe if I walk twice as slow as grandpa to avoid dick friction and walk as I got fucked in the ass” move.

However, my “lets ninja-readjust my dick to 12 o’clock” move needs some polishing.

The problem seems to be my overly tight boxer. Going to experiment with a looser variety.

Day 6

10:00 Changed the bandages this morning so it protects the glans better. The rubbing against my underpants was unbearable. Seems to have improved the situation. I called the doctor and he said the penis will become less sensitive in the coming weeks. He also advised using lube (Vaseline).

I hope so doc, otherwise we’ll need a foreskin readjustment surgery. I hope you iced my foreskin?

Day 7

07:00 I’m 1 week after the surgery. A blessed day. No erection this morning! No pain!

19:00 Today I ventured forth and removed the bandage once and for all. It should have been done tomorrow, but I just want to have a bandageless, condomless hot shower too much. I carefully peel off the dressing. The wound seems to be healing well. My lingering balanitis (redness or inflammation of the area around the peehole) is gone, the glans is looking great day (Hey, thanks Mr! You’re a handsome young gentleman yourself!).

The glans has a plastic ring around in it, which keeps what’s left of the foreskin sliding forth until it heals. This is what you get instead of stitches, ladies, and gentlemen. I start touching it and it starts to bleed a little. The urologist said I need to do this until the ring falls off by itself. I assume I must keep poking it to avoid it fusing with the skin too much.

Day 8

02:00 Woke up, late night erection.

05:41 Woke up again, I feel pain. An excellent way to wake up. I shuffle to the bathroom in the dark, to check up on the patient. All good, no emergency. I pee, then I apply some betadine and go back to bed.

15:00 Without the wound dressing there is no more solid shaft that I can tape to my skin, so taking a stroll is a bit more involved. My pants feel like sandpaper. No bueno. I really wish I could remove the metal ring so that I can partially cover my glans to avoid the goddamn friction of my pants.

On the bright side, I can take showers again, with no pain whatsoever. Got to treat the cut with Betadine 4–5 times a day (every 3–4 hours).

Day 9

02:00 Night erection!

06:30 Morning wood wakes me up so well, I get out of bed. On a Saturday. Never mind, I wanted to get up early anyway.

17:00 I wanted to go to a supermarket, but midway my newest glans protecting concoction disconnected itself from my penis, and I was left “defenseless” on the street. I was 5 minutes away from home, so I danced home again. Couple of sausage adjustions on the way, I hope nobody was traumatized.

20:00 Half of the ring that keeps the “foreskin” in place already came off. I predict that it will be gone fully in 2 days. And we know what the means, erections won’t hurt anymore!

Day 9

08:00 I had like 5 painful erections tonight. I can barely wait to remove the ring because my sleep quality suffers for it.

In other news, the skin does seem to be growing on the glans, so in a few weeks, I should get used to the rubbing of my glans against the pants.

21:00 I managed to completely remove the ring around my penis. 2/3 of the little metal “stitches” already came out. But the rest was still relatively firmly fused with my skin, so I did some DIY surgery. I don’t want to get into the details, but during the day I slowly removed 1–3 at a time, and by the end of the day the entire ring was removed. I hope I can sleep without painful erections tonight.

Day 10

N/a 🙂

Day 11

08:00 The entire night is a fuzzy memory of waking up, again and again, due to my painful erections. It seems the reason for it wasn’t the ring, but simply the wound, which is still healing. I suppose once it heals the nightmare will be over. Tomorrow is revision day with the doctor, he’ll take a look at his masterpiece and hopefully confirm that it’s healing well.

Day 12

Nothing interesting today, just some bad sleep and night time erections as usual.

On a positive note, the skin on the penis DOES thicken**.** The growth seems to happen at night, after all the rubbing during the day. I can literally touch my glans and I can notice that it’s less sensitive. Cool!

Day 13

08:00 One of last night’s erections ripped open the wound near the frenulum area. Slight bleeding only, and not much pain. This needs to be fixed or else the healing process will be slow.

Come to think of it, I think this already happened 1–2 times, I just didn’t realize it.

16:30 Urologist just checked me. He says healing is going fine and prescribed me some sort of wound dressing (“aquacel aposito de hidrofibra”) for that area near the frenulum.

He also advised cooling down the penis during erections at night to calm it down, with those cooling gel masks or frozen peas, or maybe cold water in a nylon bag.

20:00 The Hydrofiber wound dressing was hard to get in pharmacies. I did find in a para-pharmacy, but it was 5 euros for 5 pieces, and I was like “Woah, I’ll shop around a bit, thank you!”. But I couldn’t find any unless I ordered it for the next day. In the end, I couldn’t get any. Oh well, another “hard” night is to come!

Day 14

I’m sick and tired already of the constant sleep deprivation. I feel like I never properly turn off. My mind is always on due to the frequent interruptions during sleep. As usual, I woke up every time I had a nighttime erection and the last one also ripped the wound open, again! 🤬

So today I called up a pharmacy and ordered the hydrofiber wound dressing. I also shopped around for an ice bag, but they cost 15 euros, so I opted for a normal nylon plastic bag with cold water.

Before bed, I put up the dressing onto the frenulum area. It stuck nicely to the wound and betadine, but I also applied some adhesive from the bottom side to keep it there. Thus the frenulum area is protected. I corresponded with the doc and I can wear this day/night. I’ll change it when I shower tomorrow night.

Day 15

06:30 Lo and behold, an improvement from my usual torturous nights!

Thanks to the new hydrofiber dressing)

I did wake up due to erections again, but I was quick to grab my fridge-cooled ice bag which I placed on my night drawer.

I went to pee before bed, but I still needed to go again during the night. Oh, and the wound didn’t open! I’m hoping that a couple more of these nights will heal the wound enough so that nighttime erections don’t wake me. I woke up at 5:30 and tried to sleep for 1h before giving up. The early bird catches the worm. 😩

Day 16

Holy moly, I had the first restorative nights in days! I did the same routine as yesterday (hydrofiber dressing, cold water bag, pee before bed). I woke up less often than usual. When I did wake up, the erections weren’t painful. I only used the ice bag maybe once or twice. I hope tonight I will wake up even less often and have an even more restorative sleep! W00t!

Day 17

Blessed be the Gods! The amount of middle-of-the-night wakeups are decreasing. Erections are also not painful now.

One thing that’s hard to cope with a bit is the CONSTANT ERECTIONS. If I go for a walk and it’s rubbing a little bit, BOOM ERECTION. If I have a split-second sexual thought. BOOM ERECTION. If I do nothing, BOOM ERECTION.

Hence, last midnight I tried to masturbate, which ended in failure, as I managed to open the wound again, albeit only a little bit. Guess there’s no way around waiting…

I also realized I’ve been using the hydrofiber dressing all wrong, by accident. I went to shower earlier today and the dressing turned into a gel-like substance. That is when it dawned on me: this needs to be wet. I re-read the user manual and yes, for dry wounds you need to apply some water in the middle for it to provide that humid environment ideal for healing.

Day 18

I barely woke up at night, if at all. Erections are not painful. Things are starting to return to normal. I worked out last night as well, which probably contributed to the higher quality of sleep. I experienced hell all week (read: sleep deprivation) so this is a welcome change.

Day 19

Only good news to report. Barely if any incidents at night. The wound is healing at a good pace, with the hydrofibre dressing on it day and night.

Day 20

Same as yesterday. I can’t wait for my first masturbation!

Day 21


Twas good.

Need to relearn how to use this thing!

The wound is almost fully healed. Give or take 1–2 days and it will be 100% healed. Since the healing is done, and all that is left is a visit to the urologist, I’m going to stop the daily summaries. There wasn’t anything else going on for some time now anyway. Thanks for chiming in!

Frequently Asked Questions / Tips

How did it feel to have your glans exposed without the foreskin protecting it? Was it painful? Did the sensitivity decrease?

According to my urologist, within weeks the skin should thicken on the glans. This means the unprotected sensitive glans will adjust to the rubbing of the pants and other external sensations. Sexual sensitivity should not decrease.

This is exactly what happened in my case. Slowly but surely, by day 14 I could touch or rub my penis head with my finger without any major uncomfortable sensation. Later, when I was fixing the hydrofiber dressing, in essence, I “taped” it to the head of the penis! Imagine putting that skin adhesive onto your gland! It’s that desynthetized by now. Let me tell you, it wasn’t as horrific as it sounds. You just got to be really slow when removing it. 🙂

After more than a month, nothing fazes me anymore. The towel can touch it after showering. Any object, really. I can walk around without discomfort if I have reasonably tight pants on. If you have loose pants (like pajama pants) that it may be a bit uncomfortable. But it’s completely normalized now.

You do not lose the sensitivity of your penis, contrary to the popular notion of online armchair urologists. Sexual sensitivity and the sensitivity to neutral sensations (e.g. rubbing) are different. The latter type of sensitivity decreased, while the former was unchanged (more about this in the masturbation section)

All this was unimaginable when I was still uncut. I was so sensitive, I was protecting the gland of my head like the light of my eye.

Update 2021 December: The penis is completely desynthesized to every unpleasant surface (pants, boxers, towels, etc.), but it’s as good, if not better when it comes to masturbation/sex.

How does masturbation work after circumcision?

Funny question, really.

Here we go! 😂

You will need to experiment with how you like it, but let me share what I discovered.

First of all, you need lube, saliva, or some other form of lubrication. I had some spare vaseline and another brand of water-based lube at home, so that’s what I’m using. I apply some to my penis or hands, spread it, then I’m ready to go. It’s actually pretty nice, once you get the mechanics down. You then start rubbing the bare penis head until you come. Yes, no foreskin, your hands are in direct contact with the head.

Proficiency will increase with time, trust the process.

Cleaning up is a bit more tedious, as you have to wash your hands and dick afterward of lube and any lingering cum.

Also, my urologist recommended using rosehip oil for a couple of months. The primary benefit is that it reduces friction during the day with neutral surfaces, like your pants. If you wash your dick with soap after masturbation or showering, it may lose its smoothness and the rubbing will be more uncomfortable. It’s like putting flour on a wooden board to prevent the dough from sticking to it.

Watching porn is a bit more involved unless you live alone. Since the process requires lube and your dominant arm, you can’t really click with the mouse, can you? And if someone comes home, you have to hide your junk quickly, oh and explain why do you have lube on your hands. So I kind of watch porn, excite myself through gentle rubbing through my pants and go to the bathroom to finish.

Overall, I feel it’s not worse than before, but I had to re-learn the mechanics.

What differences have you felt between uncircumcised vs. circumcised penis?

I’m one of the rare people on this planet who did circumcision as an adult, and so with so much skin in the game (no pun intended, I swear), I’m in a position to share exactly what do I feel is different with my new penis.

The differences aren’t major.

Sexual sensations feel as good as before. It did not decrease or increase. My tight foreskin caused all my problems. That is gone now.

I think my penis has become much more “presentable”. It has a cleaner look. It is cleaner. Not sure how girls will react, but it will definitely improve my sex life, if simply due to the phimosis issue being gone. If girls like it more, all the better. I also think it will be easier for girls to perform oral or handjobs now that I’m not as sensitive and there is no tight foreskin.

Using condoms will be easier and staying hard will be easier. I can more easily do more rounds.

Initially, the unprotected penis’s head was sensitive, but now I don’t feel most neutral sensations. Pleasure sensations are perfect.

How is sex before and after being circumcised?

Update 2021 December: I had sex with 3 different girls since my surgery (hand, oral, vaginal) and I’m happy to report an unequivocal improvement!

There’s no tightness during sex, worrying about injuries, or my dick being too sensitive to a girl’s touch/mouth. I’m very happy with the outcome (again, no pun intended).

I noticed that I come faster, with my bare-skinned penis rubbing against the sweet, wet inner wall of a girl’s vagina. Sometimes too fast.

I used to like being in condoms more when I had a foreskin, now going raw feels better.

Previously I wasn’t looking forward to having sex with a new girl (Okay, I did, but I had anxiety). I had problems going soft if a girl was too tight.

During hand/oral girls can now freely touch the head of the penis, like in porn films. Heck, I could be a porn star if I wanted now! The world is my oyster!

Am I happy with the result?

Yes, without a doubt. The first 3 weeks after the surgery was inconvenient, but it was bearable. I’m glad I did it. I would do it again and I recommend it to every guy who has a medical problem that restricts their sexual life.

Do you recommend other’s get circumcised?

I don’t want to tell you what to do. But unless you have a medical reason like I did, I wouldn’t do it.

You have a fine working instrument of pleasure. Thank God for it.

Why would you spend money, suffer needlessly for 2–4 weeks and bear the risk that it may not be as good as before? For what gain?

How to deal with nighttime erections and avoid re-opening of the wound?

Once you get past the first 7–14 days, you’ll notice that the wound near the frenulum will heal slower. In a large part, this is due to nighttime erections that may frequently tear open the wound. This is less of a problem with the ring still on the penis, but afterward, there is nothing to stop night erection from wreaking havoc. ****

Adhere to the following guidelines for your own sake: